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Jasper Johns


October 19 – December 16, 2006

Jasper Johns Usuyuki, 1979
Jasper Johns Usuyuki, 1981
Jasper Johns Usuyuki, 1981
Jasper Johns Usuyuki, 1979-1983
Jasper Johns Usuyuki, 2002
Jasper Johns Usuyuki, 2002-2004

Press Release

NEW YORK – Craig F. Starr Associates is pleased to announce the opening of Jasper Johns Usuyuki. This exhibition brings together for the first time a collection of Usuyuki works that range in media from paintings and drawings to watercolors and ink on plastic. Johns created his Usuyukis from 1977 - 2004 and this show includes works made throughout this expansive time frame. Many important public and private collections have loaned to this exhibition, including the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Fisher Landau Center for Art.

The Usuyuki works draw their name and inspiration from the Japanese word for “light snow.” Johns evokes the falling, fleeting quality of snow in these cross-hatching abstractions, which are made along a carefully defined grid. Each of the Usuyukis include the same elements but are re-shuffled and created with different media, thus allowing one to compare their subtle differences when viewed as a group.

Jasper Johns Usuyuki is accompanied by an illustrated essay by the noted scholar and co-curator of the Johns Retrospective at MoMA in 1996, Roberta Bernstein.