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Charles Sheeler

The Complete Graphic Work

September 5 – October 4, 2008

Charles Sheeler Barns, 1918
Charles Sheeler Yachts, 1924
Charles Sheeler Roses, 1924
Charles Sheeler Delmonico Building, 1926
Charles Sheeler Industrial Series #1, 1928
Charles Sheeler Architectural Cadence, 1954

Press Release

NEW YORK – Craig F. Starr Gallery is pleased to announce the publication of Charles Sheeler Prints: A Catalogue Raisonne written by gallery directory Kristy Bryce, with an introduction by Carol Troyen. The catalogue accompanies the exhibition The Complete Graphic Work of Charles Sheeler showcasing all six prints Charles Sheeler (1883-1965) produced in his lifetime. The show runs from September 5 through October 4, 2008.

Each work on view engages a different motif of Sheeler’s iconic imagery. A Bucks County barn is the subject of his first print Barn Abstraction (1918) with its abstract, Cubist treatment of this traditional American structure. Roses (1924), a highly realistic and yet at the same time abstractly composed still life, depicts three roses in a delicate glass vase. Yachts of the same year stems from an unrealized collaboration with Paul Strand to make a film at the New York Yacht Club. Sheeler’s next two lithographs, Delmonico Building (1926), and Industrial Series #1 (1928), relate to photographic projects. His final print, Architectural cadences (1954), was made on the occasion of Sheeler’s retrospective exhibition of the Art Galleries of the University of California, Los Angeles and was issued tipped in to the exhibition catalogue, examples of which are on display.

Sheeler trained in industrial drawing at the School of Industrial Art in Philadelphia and at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. A leader of the American Modernist movement, he showed in the 1913 Armory Show and is closely associated with Precisionism. He was honored with a 1939 retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art and is an acknowledged master of American painting and photography.